Key things to know when buying computer accessories

If you are one of those people who spend hours on end in front of their computers, you’ll know how important it is to make this the best possible experience. Nowadays, whether you’re browsing, gaming, streaming, videoconferencing and emailing, you’re almost guaranteed that your laptop or desktop is your best buddy day in and day out.

So, in order to make the most of the time you spend with your computer, you need to be aware of the best accessories that will protect it, create a great work environment and will also make sure it’s giving you its best performance.


For the frequent traveller

If you are one of those people constantly on the move, you’ll certainly need a sleeve, bag or a case to protect it from scratches, drops and other mishaps or from the weather. It’s also useful to have a travel organizer or a comfortable backpack with enough compartments and the appropriate padding where you can put all your bits and bobs and make sure everything is safe. While on the move, you’ll find a mobile dongle (also called usb stick/ biscuit etc.) very useful so you have internet connectivity wherever you go. A light wireless keyboard and mouse also come handy for the digital nomad.


Make calls comfortable

Working from home has become the status quo now for the majority of office based workers, so you will want to make the hours you spend in online meetings as comfortable as possible and ensure the best quality of sound and picture. With a great webcam and the proper lighting and headset, you will always look and sound like a pro.


Ensure ergonomics of equipment

While it’s important to keep your equipment safe from being dropped, bumped or suffering spillages or any other incidents, it’s also key to keep yourself safe and adhere to recommendations for setting up your workspace in the most ergonomic manner. Adjustable laptop stands will ensure that your screen is always at the right height and angle so you avoid straining your neck, back and eyes. It’s also important to use the right mouse and keyboard, so you can avoid repetitive strain injury.


Don’t forget the little things

We are all multitasking nowadays so, for better or worse, we have to deal with more than one device at a time. Make sure your mobile and laptop screens are all aligned with handy stands or magnetic mounts. It’s also important that you don’t get distracted by hanging cables so if you cannot use wireless equipment at least invest in cable organizers to minimize the annoyance of tangled cables.

Every little thing counts when it comes to creating a comfortable, safe and fun work or gaming environment or just to ensure that you can enjoy watching your favourite youtube channels or catching up with your hobbies online.  Keep an eye on this space with all the latest in computer accessories in one store.