Car electronics to make your road trip great

Gone are the days when cars were just a mode of transportation. For some time now they’ve been a status symbol and a source of pride and joy for their owner. So whether you want to impress your peers or fully enjoy the cool luxury of your car on your next road trip, here are some of the auto accessories and gadgets that you must consider. Most cars have built-in electronics that let you use your mobile, provide navigation, entertainment, safety and many other features. However, even if yours doesn’t, with a few accessories you can have the benefits of modern technology at your fingertips.


Mobile First

We don’t go anywhere without our mobiles so it’s logical that we want to make the most out of them in the car without compromising safety. Most cars come equipped with a USB spot but the speed of charging can sometimes be subpar so we strongly advise that you invest in a charger that supports 3.0 USB charging so you can be sure you can use your smartphone all day without running out of battery. There are also wireless chargers available that can double up as mobile mounts/holders so you can enjoy hands-free use of your phone. If you’ll be using your phone for navigation, it’s important that it’s well mounted so you can see it without taking your eyes off the road and without compromising your safety and that of your passengers. Additionally, you can also invest in a bluetooth transmitter, if your car doesn’t have one, so you can turn your smartphone into an entertainment device playing music through your FM radio and taking calls on the go.


Cameras On

Front and rear cameras are still not a  mandatory feature in most vehicles so why not invest in the right gadgets. They can make parking a breeze and can also be handy for recording accidents for insurance purposes. There are also interior cameras available to capture those special moments travelling with your friends and family.


Car monitoring

It’s always good to be safe and to know that everything is in the right order when you’re on the road. With tyre pressure monitors and portable jump start kits you can be more comfortable wherever you are. A head-up speed monitor projecting your speed on the windscreen is also a handy gadget so you don’t have to constantly bend your head down to check the speed. And if you never want to be caught off-guard, especially in areas with very low speed limits, you can also invest in a radar detector.

 Here at Horizon Top Market, we have all the latest in car accessories and electronic gadgets for your beloved car. If there’s something you need and we don’t have it in stock or if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for the latest in tech and will make sure to stock on time to satisfy demand.